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Name:Zelgadis Graywords
Website:Posts & Threads
“Don’t forget, Miss Sunshine, I’m only here to find a way to turn my body back to normal.”
Age: 21
Birthdate: 09 October, by our calendar.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Present Occupation: Mercenary, sorcerer, and swordsman
Past Occupation(s):“Enforcer”, of sorts, for his grandfather, Rezo.
Location(s): Frequents the Nexus
Relationship Status: Single, but interested in someone.
Strengths: The transformation from human to Chimera gave Zelgadis several advantages on the field of battle; his skin is effectively made of granite, and is extremely tough to break (therefore, it is not easy to wound him). The Sword of Light from his world could manage it, and in crossover settings, a Lightsaber would do the trick as well. He’s faster than most, stronger than most, and the fact that he is effectively made of stone means he carries a lot of momentum and force. He has very fast reflexes as well, and is a talented sorcerer and swordsman.
Weaknesses: Zelgadis’s self-esteem has taken a severe nose-dive ever since he was turned into a Chimera. While he maintains a realistic assessment of his strengths and weaknesses in combat, he is less realistic about assessing himself as a person. Therefore, he tends to brood a lot. It is difficult for him to view himself as anything but a tool (first for Rezo, then for Lina...), and it takes him ages to admit anything positive about himself, or that he might actually care for anyone he knows. Physically, he must be extremely careful about handling things and people he doesn’t want to hurt; the laws of physics dictate that, due to his increased mass, his movements have increased force behind them. While this is an advantage during a fight, it is not so in social situations. Emotionally, Zel has a lot more difficulty controlling his temper than he did before his transformation, thanks to the demon part of him.
Appearance: Zelgadis stands 5′10″/178cm tall and is leanly built. He has plenty of athlete’s muscle, the kind that builds up from sports or martial arts (the latter, in Zel’s case.) He weighs roughly 198lbs/90kg; given the composition of his body, this does not make him overweight. When he was human, he weighed 132lbs/60kg.

Zelgadis is very unusual-looking, except to those used to seeing Strange Things (which would be most people in his home world, but perhaps not in any other worlds he might end up in). Most noticeable about his appearance is that he has blue skin. That skin has the texture and consistency of stone, both tactilely and visually. His eyes are bright blue and have slitted pupils, like those of a cat. He has “elf ears”—long and pointed. His hair is actually very fine, but strong, wire (strong enough that he must use wire cutters to keep it trimmed), and is a dusky grey-purple in colour (not to mention very shiny). Long bangs hang down on either side of his face, and cover up his right eye, leaving only his left eye visible. (Somehow he can still see, though.) His hair would fall roughly to his shoulders, were it not as messy as it is—it sticks up and out most of the time, and always has, even before he became a chimera.

Scattered all over his face and body are what amount to rocky growths sticking out of his skin, like pebbles and stones out of mud. Those on his face are most likely to be noticed, and are largely symmetrical in layout. There is a cluster of four on his chin (one of the groupings that is not symmetrical, given that he only has one chin ;)), two smaller stones on the outside of the group and two larger on the inside. Another cluster of three larger stones sit on the corner of his jaw line, just below his earlobes, on both sides of his face. An elliptical arrangement of roughly eleven or twelve “rocks” surround the outer edges of each eye (but, again, only the left group is visible, thanks to his bangs); the group starts just above the bridge of his nose and trails down and around his eye sockets to about a third of the way in from the outer edge of his cheekbones. Two small “pebbles” sit on the left side of his nose. Only one “pebble” sits on the opposite side.

The shape of Zelgadis’s face is rather distinctive; he has very prominent cheekbones and a strong, clean, square jaw and chin line. His nose is slightly hooked, and his eyes are rather round, the outer corners resting at a slightly lower point on his face than the inner corners. He has no eyebrows anymore (they have been replaced by the circular arrangement of stones around each of his eyes), but when he was human, they were straight and slightly angled. His hair was still a grey-purple when he was human, but not quite as saturated in colour as it is now, and it was moderately less wild.

Zelgadis is usually dressed entirely in shades of beige and khaki. His outfit consists of slacks, an overlong shirt, and a mantled, hooded cloak, the lining of which is a dark, somewhat desaturated blue-green. The cloak is fastened with a largish red and silver broach, and the mantle falls to just above his elbows. The collar of his shirt is long enough that it may be pulled up over his nose and mouth, should he ever feel the need to hide his features. A belt and bandoleer, both black leather, are worn around his waist, the latter slung at an angle and bearing the scabbard to his longsword. A pair of brown fingerless gloves and brown boots round off his clothing. His sword is a standard, double-edged long sword. Its hilt is brassy in colour, and ends in a small red gemstone. The crossguard flares outward on each side, somewhat resembling small, curved axe blades (though they are not really axe blades).
Personality: Zelgadis is highly intelligent and has a number of talents that aren’t readily apparent. He’s also obsessive, determined, stubborn, and impatient, but reliable. He takes the integrity of a sworn oath seriously; the only time he’ll break his promises is if someone breaks a promise made to him first. (In Slayers NEXT, for instance, when he discovered the royals of Zoana had lied to him about having a potential cure for his chimerism, he turned on them, but not a second beforehand.)

Zel also has incredibly low self-esteem when it comes to viewing himself as a person. While he’s able to maintain a realistic assessment of his capabilities in a combat situation and as a mercenary, he is not able to remain as realistic about his social capabilities. He believes that he is effectively a monster, and that everyone around him believes him to be “hideous”. For this reason, he usually goes to lengths to hide his face when he’s in well-populated areas, pulling up the hood of his cloak and using the neck of his shirt as a mask. He ignores the advantages of his “condition” and focuses entirely on the negative aspects.

Zel is easily irritated or even angered, thanks to his demon third. (Though not nearly as much so as Lina.) Distractions from a goal are frequently seen as unnecessary and will usually result in lots of protest from him. While he does his best to reign in this part of him, he does often have trouble with it. When angry, he’s equally as prone to shouting at someone about it as he is to sitting off to the side and muttering to himself in irritation. Despite this, and while he does not particularly care for chivalry, he does his best to be polite around others, and especially around strangers.

While Zelgadis doesn’t show it very often, he does have a sense of humour. It tends to lean towards sarcastic humour, with a bit of dark humour mixed in as well. (He’s also broken the Fourth Wall once or twice.) As previously stated, he doesn’t joke around very often. It’s also very difficult to get him to laugh. So far, Lina is the only person who’s managed to make him laugh.
» Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown– Zelgadis met Doc in the Nexus (though he calls him “Emmett” for the moment). There’s a strong sense of camaraderie between them, though they have not yet known each other long enough for Zelgadis to consider Doc one of his “true” friends. Doc has, like Zelgadis, been “altered” against his will.
» Courtney Crumrin - Courtney was kind enough to offer Zel some advice on his first question to the Nexus (regarding—what else?—his cure). Zel likes her, and she has a friend who went through a similar ordeal as he did (albeit not the kind involving transformations, but the friend was abused by family). Zel has promised to help that friend if he ever runs into him.
» Adia Costas - Zel gave Adia some advice on trying to determine how trustworthy someone is, and on the matter of overriding free will. He likes her too. :)
» Lina Inverse– Lina is literally the woman who changed Zelgadis’s life. She gave him the courage to defy Rezo’s will and to do something about his Chimerism. Zelgadis has fallen in love with her, though he’s not really ready to admit that to himself. It’s currently unclear whether she feels the same.
» Gourry Gabriev– Gourry is Lina Inverse’s self-proclaimed “Guardian”, and thus, whenever Zelgadis travels with Lina, he travels with Gourry too. Gourry was the former, hereditary heir to the Sword of Light (which has now been destroyed). He’s also incredibly stupid, causing the rest of the group to experience moments of intense annoyance around him.
» Amelia wil-Tesla Seiruun– The Princess and heiress to the throne of the White Magic Capital in Zelgadis’s home world. Zelgadis cares very deeply for Amelia, but it’s more of a filial affection than romantic. While Zelgadis considers the rest of the group family to a certain extent, Amelia has a particular role in that “family”, as Zelgadis views her as something of an adopted younger sister. She and Lina are the only two people Zelgadis would give his life for. (So far.)
» Xellos Metallium– Zelgadis does not like, nor does he trust, Xellos. Xellos is one of the Monster race, and is known to be a trickster. He’s also incredibly powerful, and definitely dangerous.
» Rezo, the Red Priest– Rezo is now deceased, but once upon a time, he was Zelgadis’s grandfather and very close to his family. During the early years of Zelgadis’s life, Rezo was someone he trusted implicitly. Rezo abused that trust and turned Zelgadis into a Chimera, and since then, Zelgadis has carried a bitter hatred of his grandfather, even after his death.
Played-By: None for Chimera!Zel (screenshots from the anime are used, along with artwork by Zel’s Mun); Crispin Freeman for Human!Zel.
Originally From…:Slayers
Copyright Goes To…: Hajime Kanzaka
Layout By…: Zelgadis’s Mun (original CSS by Tiffany Chow)
Header Image By…: Zelgadis’s Mun
Layout Text From…:“Amaranth” by Nightwish
Profile Header Quote From…:Slayers (first anime), Zelgadis reminding Amelia of the reason he’s exploring Rezo’s lab with them.
Resources: Header art: “RP: Zelgadis Graywords, Take 2 by =DarkJediPrincess; Brushes: Tora’s Big-Ass Brushset by *kuroitora, Banner Brushes No 23 by *mutsie, 40 Icon Ornaments by ~daughterofsnape (Entry ornament). Fonts: Queensland, Marigold, Edwards Wedding
Contact the (E-Mail, MSN, G-Chat), AnimeGoth23 (AIM), darkjediprincess (Skype), darkjediprinces (Twitter)
Other Characters:Aiden Mori, Rori & Lorenna Aevan, Estan Kyrindor; Revan Onasi, Zuko, Edward Elric, The Grim Reaper, Claire Jameson/Lone Wanderer; Solanum Zombie Monster Journal; Methos/Adam Pierson (AU), Yugi & Yami Mutou (AU), Mewtwo (AU), Harry Potter (AU); Commander Amarantha Shepard, Tali’Zorah vas Neema, Bob the Skull, Mouse, Ebenezar McCoy, Cerberus/Normandy Crew; Kenna Solus
» Zelgadis is a Chimera, an amalgam of Human, Blau Demon, and Stone Golem. (So more the scientific definition than the version from Greek Mythology.) (The combination changes a bit depending on which version of him is being played; see below.)
» There are four potential versions of Zelgadis being played on this journal. One, whos information is described in this bio, is mostly canon. Another is from Zel’s Mun’s massive mega-crossover, the Dreams Born, Fears Subside Saga, and is effectively the same as the mostly-canon version, with the exception of being adapted to a modern lifestyle and dress style and with a couple of extra powers. The third is from Zel’s Mun’s modern/urban fantasy adaptation of Slayers, known as City of Woe. The final version is from The Sixth Year From Hell, an old Harry Potter/Slayers round-robin Zel’s Mun was in.
» Dreams Born, Fears Subside!Zelgadis is from a point between the third and fourth installments of the Saga, and is one of the non-human Guardians in the story. He has a telempathic bond with those on his team (Harry Potter, Edward Elric, Ryou, and Kat, at this point, though later in the Saga there are more.)
» DBFS!Zelgadis has been Canon Punctured, and has seen Slayers (including NEXT and TRY).
» City of Woe!Zelgadis is still a Chimera, but he isn’t a sorcerer; instead, he is a Psion, able to manipulate powers of the mind. (City of Woe is unofficially crossed over with The Dresden Files, for the record, so Zel will speak of magic-users, but he isn’t one of them.)
» City of Woe!Zelgadis’s “composition” is slightly different; he is 1/3 Drow, 1/3 Earth Elemental, and 1/3 Human.
» Sixth Year From Hell!Zelgadis was sorted into Slytherin, and was human for most of his time at Hogwarts, until October, when he accidentally transformed himself into a Chimera using an Ancient Egyptian spell.
» The Mun ships Lina/Zelgadis. You have been warned.
» The Mun follows The Fandom Creed
» Zelgadis’s early life is rather uneventful, right up until the age of 15 or so. He’s the grandson of Rezo the Red Priest, the most powerful sorcerer in his world.
» At age 15, Zelgadis’s parents are murdered. Zelgadis, determined to seek revenge, begins training in the sword and in magic.
» Rezo, desperately seeking the Philosopher’s Stone, approaches his grandson with a bargain: in exchange for helping him find the Philosopher’s Stone, Rezo will grant Zelgadis the power he needs to avenge his parents’ murders. “You will be completely transformed,” Rezo tells Zelgadis. Zelgadis fails to realize that Rezo means this literally, and agrees. Rezo uses his powers to turn Zelgadis into a Chimera: an amalgam of human, Blau Demon, and stone golem.
» Traumatized, but knowing of nothing else he can do, Zelgadis spends the next three years working for Rezo and studying at his heel.
» Three years after his transformation, Zelgadis tracks down the Philosopher’s Stone, which is currently in the possession of an unknowing bandit gang called the Dragon Fangs. Before he can take it back, Lina Inverse steals the Philosopher’s Stone when she attacks and destroys the Dragon Fangs.
» Zelgadis tracks Lina down and tries to bargain with her for the Stone. She doesn’t bite.
» A couple of days later, Zelgadis kidnaps Lina while she is unable to cast, and tries to get her to tell him where she hid it. Again, she refuses.
» That night, Zelgadis has another of his flashback-dreams that make him relive his transformation. When he wakes up, he decides he can no longer follow Rezo, and frees Lina, escaping with her.
» Rezo confronts Zelgadis in the middle of his escape attempt, but Zelgadis is able to distract Rezo long enough to get away and head to the next town. Lina invites him to join her and her companion Gourry as they travel to Atlas City.
» Lina and Zelgadis run into Gourry again in the next town, where they are also beset by a monster Rezo has sent to kill them (along with Dilgear, one of Zelgadis’s former henchmen). Gourry is revealed to be the owner of the Sword of Light. Zelgadis’s friends, Zolf and Rodimus, side with Zelgadis rather than with Rezo.
» Rezo, knowing Lina has the Philosopher’s Stone, holds a village hostage to get her to come to his fortress. Rezo seizes the Philsopher’s Stone, and his sight is cured... only until Shabranigdo, Lord of the Monsters, possesses and takes control of him.
» Shabranigdo kills Zolf and Rodimus, and Lina, Zelgadis, and Gourry are forced to flee.
» Zelgadis at first thinks to follow Zolf and Rodimus into the afterlife by going up against Shabranigdo on his own, but Lina stops him. He, Lina, and Gourry face down Shabranigdo together.
» Zelgadis is able to appeal to Rezo’s soul, still trapped behind Shabranigdo’s personality, and Rezo is able to paralyze Shabranigdo long enough for Lina to kill him with a combination of the Sword of Light and the Giga Slave.
» Zelgadis parts ways with Lina and Gourry after the battle.
» (Events of the latter half of Slayers)
» (Events of Slayers NEXT)
» (Events of Slayers TRY)
» (Events of Slayers PREMIUM)

» Shortly after the events of Slayers TRY, Zelgadis begins to lose hope of ever finding a cure for his Chimerism.
» During his travels and between jobs as a mercenary, Zelgadis stumbles into the Nexus stays there for a day or three, befriending Doc Brown, Courtney Crumrin, and Adia Costas in the process.
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